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Brawley adopts ordinance to prevent wasting water

(Brawley City Council adopts Urgency Ordinance)…The Ordinance imposes water restrictions on water use.

The ordinance is in compliance with the Governor’s declaration of severe drought in the state, and the call to reduce water waste as much as possible. The Brawley ordinance conserves the cities water supply for the greatest public benefit and to reduce the quantity of water used by the city’s customers. It also states that wasteful use of water should be eliminated. According to the ordinance potable water cannot be used to water landscapes from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, or in such a manner as to result in runoff for more than 5 minutes. Potable water cannot be used to wash driveways and sidewalks, except to protect public health and safety. Plumbing breaks must be fixed within 24 hours, and hoses used to wash vehicles must have a shut-off nozzle. The city will issue two warnings to violators of the ordinance before assessing a $100 fine.