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Calexico Port funding gets some help

(Feinstein says she will work with the County)….The task is keeping funding for the Calexico Port in place.

The Senate Appropriations committee recently received a motion to remove the $98 million from a funding bill. New Mexico Senator Tom Udall requested the funds be removed from the bill. The funds are earmarked for updating the Downtown Calexico Port. County Supervisor John Renison says a conference call was held recently between Senator Diane Feinstein and County and local business representatives. Feinstein is a ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Senator agreed to monitor the situation very closely. Renison says Feinstein has been an advocate for the funding. He said it is suspected the issue to surface sometime later in the year, possibly after the November elections. He said locals are hopeful for full funding within the next several months.