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Senate Appropriations wants to remove funding for Calexico Port

(Port funding has hit a snag)…The funding would help pay for the expansion of the Calexico Downtown Port.

The bill is before the Senate Appropriations Committee. It is reported of an effort in that committee to remove funding for the Calexico Port. Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, John Renison, says the snag is not something that cannot be worked out, but action must be taken now. He suggests local business owners and concerned citizens send a message to the Appropriations Committee of the importance of the Port Expansion, not only to the local economy but to Homeland Security, as well. Danny Fitzgerald, Calexico Chamber of Commerce President, is organizing efforts to call, and or email the Appropriations Committee. Senator Diane Feinstein is a powerful member of that committee. Renison says Senator Barbara Boxer should also be contacted. The funding would provide $98 million to expand traffic lanes and offices, enabling reduced waits to cross the border.