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IID says Salton Sea mitigation talks will continue

(IID Board says mediation talks will continue)…..The Board was discussing the recent QSA validation ruling

. A Sacramento superior Court Judge ruled for the validation of the Quantification Settlement Agreement. At the time of the ruling, the Imperial Irrigation District had been in talks with the County and other litigants in the so-called Coordinated Cases filed against the validation. Part of the Judges ruling was to reject that litigation. This week the IID said that ruling did not matter, and mediation talks to seek mitigation for the Salton Sea would continue. The inland Sea is receiving less water as a result of water transfers allowed under the QSA. The fear is that increased playa will expose toxic sediment that could be blown into populated areas by the wind. At their meeting this week the IID Board said validation of the QSA did nothing to solve the problems faced by the Salton Sea. Director James Hanks says the court ruling only validates the QSA, meaning it was legally negotiated in 2003. One former Board member said the validation would bring the state back into the equation. Under the QSA, the state had agreed to pick up the mitigation costs for the Salton Sea after the stakeholders in the agreement had covered $133 million of the mitigation costs.