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Judge delays decision on sexual predator.

(Decision to place a predator delayed)…The judge said she wanted to see the location for herself.

The state decided Allen Fields, a convicted sexually violent predator, be placed in Campo. Fields was convicted of molesting four boys in the 1980’s and served several years in prison and in treatment. It is now time for him to be released. San Diego Superior Court Judge Margie Woods heard testimony this week from those opposed to placing Fields in Campo, as well as the state’s decision to choose Campo, and how they plan to monitor his every move. San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob said the state was using east San Diego County as a dumping ground for sexually violent predators. She said it needed to stop. Other residents said they feared for the safety of their children and themselves. Woods said she wanted to visit the property where Fields was to be placed and she wanted to speak with other Campo residents before she reached a decision. She warned the residents that she was obligated to follow the letter of the law in making her decision.