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Latest round of mitigation fund awards

(Local Entity awards mitigation funds)…The awards were announced at Tuesdays Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors meeting.

The IID Board sits as the Local Entity. The awards approved were from the Local Entity 2012 Competitive Mitigation Program. Over $3 million were approved. The mitigation funds are to offset socioeconomic impacts in the Imperial Valley resulting from land fallowing implemented in the IID water service territory as part of the transfer agreement with the San Diego County Water Authority. Over $1.1 million were awarded in the Special Projects Category. There are 7 Special Projects. Over $2 million was awarded to 16 recipients in the Business Development category. Before approving the awards, the IID Directors agreed to increase available funds for the 2012 competitive mitigation program by nearly $80,000 by transferring funds from the 2010 mitigation awards program.