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Plan to alleviate detainee problem

(President seeking $3.7 billion)…The money is to stem the flow of Central American migrants and process those who have already arrived.

According to the break-down; $1.1 billion will go to the Department of Homeland Security to deter border crossers and boost enforcement, $433 million for Customs and Border Protection to cover overtime costs and for additional facilities to detain unaccompanied children while they are in Border Patrol custody, $64 million to the Department of Justice for more immigration judges, and $1.8 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services to shelter and take care of unaccompanied children. Congressman Juan Vargas says he supports funding for more immigration judges and for the humanitarian relief. Vargas says he opposes hard-line calls for deportation of women and children claiming they are fleeing their countries out of fear of violence. Vargas says they should be accepted in this country as refugees. He said they should be afforded full access to the immigration courts. Assemblyman Manuel Perez says he supports granting asylum to many of the detainees. Perez said, however, it is a federal responsibility to come up with responsible immigration reform.