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County Fireworks ordinance to be looked at

(County to revisit Fireworks ordinance)…It is currently illegal to sell fireworks in the County.

The current ordinance was approved in 2006, after several costly fires were reported in the County as a result of fireworks. At the time, several cities followed the County lead. Most of the cities have since rescinded their ordinances. Fireworks were sold this year in all the cities in Imperial County. Tuesday the Board of Supervisors asked County Fire Chief Tony Rouhotas to meet with County Executive Officer Ralph Cordova to adjust the current ordinance. They said certain fireworks, such as Cherry Bombs and Bottle Rockets, should not be allowed. But they said there was no reason to ban Safe and Sane fireworks. They said there was no rush on the Fireworks Ordinance, since it would not be needed until next year. Rouhotas also reported to the Board that there were no significant fire incidents during the 4th of July weekend. District 5 Supervisor Ray Castillo said he was pleased to report Freedom Fest once again surpassed expectations.