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San Diego firm filing frivolous lawsuits?

(Is a San Diego Law Firm scamming Imperial Valley businesses?)…A local attorney says they are.

John Breeze, with the local law firm Plourd and Breeze, made the accusation in a letter to the El Centro Chamber of Commerce. Breeze says the law firm, Center for Disability Access, is behind the scam. He said the firm sends a person in a wheelchair to the Imperial Valley. That person searches out businesses that do not have special access for disability customers and or disability parking spaces. Breeze said the person rarely approaches the business to complain. Instead, they take pictures of the business from the outside only, and returns to San Diego, where the Center immediately files a lawsuit against the business. Breeze says the businesses are never contacted about a remedy to the situation. After the suit is filed, the Center then approaches the business and offers to settle for $3,000 to $7,300. He said many businesses pay to avoid the lawsuit. If the business files a response to the lawsuit, they are inundated with hundreds of pages of discovery. If the business retains an attorney, the Center then offers to dismiss their lawsuit with prejudice if there is a waiver of fees. Breeze says his firm has been involved in many of these frivolous lawsuits. Breeze suggests any business served with this type lawsuit; contact an attorney as soon as possible, since they only have 30 days to respond. He says his firm has experience with these types of lawsuits, and they would be happy to provide free consultation to any business sued by the Center for Disability Access.