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County helping Winterhaven fix a leak

(County springs into action to assist Winterhaven)….The wastewater force main sprung a leak.

Actually, it was two leaks. Esperanza Colio Warren, Community and Economic Development Manager says he was notified of the leak in February. The Winterhaven County Water District patched the leak in the line that extends two miles, from Winterhaven to Yuma. In June the leak returned. Wastewater service had to be disconnected. Warren was able to work with State Senator Ben Hueso in obtaining an emergency grant for $197,000 from the State Water Resources Control Board. Because the Winterhaven District cannot upfront funds, the County was called in. Tuesday the Board of Supervisors agreed to use $103,000. The funds will be used to hire an engineer and a contractor to fix the problem. It is expected to take 3-4 weeks to repair the leak and return wastewater service to Winterhaven.