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Update on influx of Illegal migrants

(Illegal migrants to begin arriving in El Centro Wednesday)….The County Board of Supervisors updated the situation at their weekly meeting.

They said the first group of 140 people would be flown to Yuma and then bused to El Centro. County officials have been meeting with Border Patrol officials. County Executive Officer Ralph Cordova said there has not been a lot of official information released. Cordova said they have learned that FEMA will be responsible for the custody of the families being shipped from Texas, and that the groups will continue to arrive until the numbers of people are reduced to manageable numbers in Texas. It is still not known where the people will be housed, or what will happen to them after they are processed in El Centro. Cordova said those who are released would not be allotted any federal funds. He said that could be very taxing to Imperial County’s support system. It was suggested Federal representatives seek some of the $2 billion requested by the President for the problem. Thousands of families and children from Central America inundated South Texas by crossing the border illegally. They have been labeled refugees, but Supervisor Ray Castillo says he has heard the designation may be changed to detainees to allow for many of those detained to be eligible for deportation.