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Reasons to keep detention facility open

(New reasons to keep the Detention Facility open)….Immigration and Customs Enforcement had announced the El Centro Facility would close by June 30th.

That date has been extended, but the order to close the facility remains. Almost 500 contract employees will lose their jobs once the facility does close. The employees say there are now reasons to keep it open. The County this week announced there would be a housing problem if the US Border Patrol reinstitutes a plan to transfer hundreds of illegal immigrants from Texas to El Centro for processing. The employees say the El Centro Detention Facility could handle the influx. Another reason is the recent decision by San Diego and Imperial County Sheriff’s Departments to no longer do immigration holds. The employees are reaching out to ICE and federal legislators, saying these are reason enough to keep the El Centro Facility open. They say it does not make any sense to close it down any time soon. County officials say they expect ICE will extend plans to close the facility another six months.