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A major issue may be dumped in the Counties lap

(The County Board of Supervisors is concerned)….Where would they house an influx of illegal immigrants?

The question came to light last week. The US Border Patrol announced plans to fly 140 detained illegal migrants to the Imperial County every three days for an indefinite period. The plan was to fly another plane with an additional 140 people to San Diego, as well. That plan was suddenly canceled Sunday. No reason was given, but some think it was San Diego’s decision to refuse to create new housing for the illegal immigrants. The detainees are among the thousands arrested in Texas. They include families and children, as well as children on their own. The local Board was told only families would be flown to Imperial County. The problem facing the county, where to house the people if the Border Patrol reinstates their plan. The local detention Facility has announced plans to close its El Centro facility, and the private facility east of Calexico is not ready for such high numbers of people. The Supervisors Chairman of the Board John Renison says he has been told the people cannot be housed on military bases. County Department heads are meeting regularly to try and find a solution to what could be a major problem.