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Advocacy groups not happy with AB 6 proposed regulations

(The DMV is revealing proposed regulations)….The regulations are for the implementation of AB 60.

The assembly bill is the controversial state law that allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants. A group of immigrant rights organizations are not happy with the regulations. In particular, they are unhappy with the DMV’s proposal to verify an applicant’s identity and California residence by requiring a foreign passport and consular ID. The group says that requirement could be cost prohibitive. They say securing both documents from Mexico would cost $128, and that is too much for a person earning minimum wage. They also said not all countries issues consular ID’s for their citizens living abroad. The Latino advocacy group also wants more detail guaranteeing motorist with an AB 60 driver’s license will not be treated any differently by law enforcement. The DMV is holding two public workshops in the state to discuss the proposed regulations.