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CHP Officer and dispatcher recognized for saving baby

(CHP Officer and Dispatcher honored)….The two had assisted in saving a babies life.

Wednesday Officer Salvador Acevedo and Dispatcher Deborah Zendejas were recognized for their efforts. The ceremony was held at the California Highway Patrol offices on Highway 86. This past New Year’s Eve Itza Perea was driving with her baby to a special dinner. All of a sudden Perea noticed the baby was convulsing, foaming at the mouth and turning blue. She turned into the CHP parking lot and called for help. Zendejas received the call, and immediately ran through the building to get Officer Acevedo. The two went outside and found the hysterical mother holding her baby. Zendejas calmed the mother, while Acevedo performed CPR on the child. The efforts were successful, and the baby, Jay Aguilar, was revived.