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High School Sports Affected By Fires

The CIF San Diego Section and San Diego County Superintendents have determined that all CIFSDS athletic competition and practice be cancelled for Thursday , May 15th and Friday May 16th. No practices or games will be held on either day.


A conference call is scheduled for 10:00a.m. Friday to discuss practice and competition for Saturday , May 17th.

CIFSDS went on to say that this loss of competition has impacted all spring sports and has caused changes to playoff and regular season schedules. Some playoff schedules have been condensed and some regular season/league schedules will not be able to be completed.

The softball seeding meeting is still scheduled for Saturday, May 17th at 8:00a.m.. Any games cancelled will not be made up and will be recorded as no contests. Leagues must determine who their designated champions are. The playoff schedule for softball has not changed. This will impact Southwest High School and Imperial High School teams that were scheduled to play Thursday for the league championship.

CIFSDS says every effort should be made to reschedule missed baseball contests and that seeding and playoff schedules will remain the same as in the playoff bulletin.

Swim and diving conference finals will be held Saturday , May 17th , if they are able to compete

The tennis seeding meeting has been moved to Monday , May 19th.

Track and Field league and conference championships will be held Saturday , May 17th or Monday , May 19th. CIF prelims and finals will remain the same as originally scheduled.