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Mesquite Regional Landfill may not be used for years

(Supervisors get an update on the Mesquite Regional Landfill)….The Landfill and rail line was constructed by the Los Angeles Sanitation Department.

Officials from the Department went before the County Board of Supervisors Tuesday. The update was basically that the project was at a standstill. The landfill was built to take excess trash from the Los Angeles County area. They said there is currently no excess trash, and there may not be any for years to come. L.A. officials told the board that economics have made it more cost effective to contract with landfills closer to Los Angeles. They said they are looking for alternative uses of the rail line and landfill area near Glamis. Tim Kelley of the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation told the Board several projects were being discussed. He said the rail line would be ideal for the import and export of products. Kelley said Mexicali and other areas are being included in the discussions. The Supervisors expressed disappointment, mainly because of the potential loss to the Imperial County economy.