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CBP hiring event

(CBP Hiring Event)….Customs and Border Protection holds the event every year.

The recruiting event will be held Wednesday at the One Stop Employment Center on South 4th Street in El Centro. They will be in Building D. The event will run from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Recruiting officers and staff will be on hand to answer questions about the positions and computers will be available for immediate online applications. The newly hired CBP officers are expected to be deployed to 44 ports in 18 states. The Ports include New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Buffalo, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Laredo, Nogales, Calexico, San Diego and New Orleans. Applicants must be US citizens and a resident of the US for the past 3 years. They must be referred for selection before their 37th birthday, and have a valid driver’s license. Preference will be given to eligible veterans or those who have prior civilian federal law enforcement experience. Applicants must pass an entrance examination, medical examination, physical fitness assessments, Video based test and/or structure interview, drug test, background investigation and polygraph examination.