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Man found with his pants full of Xanax

(44 year old Ontario resident caught with his underwear full of Xanax)….Victor Johnson was arrested at the Andrade Port of Entry this week.

Customs and Border Protection officers say Johnson drove up to the Port. The CBP officer in his lane referred the Ontario resident to the secondary inspection area. CBP officers say they noticed a large bulge in the man’s pants. He was taken inside to a private area and given a body search. Officers found several bags containing 2,284 Xanax pills and three vials of testosterone in Johnson’s underwear. The value of the pills was set at $16,000. Sheriff’s Deputies were called, and Johnson was placed under arrest and booked into County Jail. The CBP says travelers need to know the importance of declaring all items, and that it is illegal to smuggle medications, Ag products, alcohol and other items across the border.