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Federal indictments handed down

(Six locals indicted in Federal Court)….All six are from Calexico.

Two are in custody, the other four are still at large. They are accused of being part of a scheme to defraud hundreds of property  owners of at least $1.5 million in funds on the state’s Unclaimed Property website. The six are said to be among eight people participating in the scheme. In custody are 52-year-old Ignacio Garcia Nunez and 45-year-old Cesar Alfonso Benitez. At last report, 51-year-old Moises Covarrubias Angulo, 44-year-old Stan Gurrola, 43-year-old Moises Y. Covarrubias and 63-year-old Manuel Reyes Ornelas had not been arrested or turned themselves in.