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High Speed Chase starts in Yuma and ends near Ocotillo

(High speed chase across the entire width of the County)….It started in Yuma late Sunday morning.

Authorities in Yuma noticed a Chevrolet Impala traveling around 120 miles per hour on Interstate 8. The Yuma authorities gave chase, which them into Imperial County. The Winterhaven Sector of the California Highway Patrol was notified, but it was too late to set anything up. The chase reached speeds of over 130 miles per hour as it traveled along Interstate 8. It all ended about a mile west of Ocotillo, after El Centro Sector Highway Patrol Officers were able to safely deploy a spike strip. Officials say 29-year-old Dupree Lamar Davis of Oklahoma City was taken into custody. He was booked into County Jail, charged with suspicion of felony evading and driving under the influence.