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Local committee to meet with National Beef

(Recently formed ad-hoc committee to meet)…..The first meeting with officials from National Beef is Thursday afternoon.

The local committee members are: County Supervisors Ryan Kelley and Ray Castillo, Imperial Irrigation District Directors Steven Benson and Matt Desert, Brawley City Council members George Nava and Donald Wharton, and members of the local Cattle Industry. The committee was put together to determine what it would take to convince National Beef to close the doors to their Brawley facility April 4. The Kansas City Beef processors have indicated they could be convinced to change their decision to close the Brawley plant. The local AD-Hoc committee is tasked with putting together a list of incentives to be delivered to National Beef in 21 days. This week’s meeting is to discuss the reasoning behind the announcement to close the facility.