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YRMC reports first flu related death

(First Flu related death in Yuma)…It was reported at Yuma Regional Medical Center.

The Yuma hospital has implemented Visitation restriction similar to those implemented at El Centro Regional Medical Center. Last week the first Flu related death was reported in Imperial County. YRMC and ECRMC want the public to know the facilities are not closed. They, and Pioneers Memorial Hospital, are restricting visitations in an attempt to control influenza cases. All hospitals say people with sever flu like symptoms should still go to the emergency room. Officials’ say Arizona is also reporting increased numbers of influenza cases. They say cases are up 50 percent in that state. California last reported 45 flu related deaths, more than was reported during the entire flu season last year. They say the increases are being attributed to the return of H1N1 or Swine flu. It is strongly suggested that everyone get an influenza vaccination, if they have not already done so.