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Lawsuit filed against interim City Manage

(Lawsuit filed against interim City Manager)…It was filed by the Calexico interim City Attorney.

The legal action was taken on behalf of Calexico City Councilman Mandy Real. The suit alleges interim City Manager Richard Warne did not grant a specific request by the Councilman. Real says in the documents that he had requested a special City Council meeting be scheduled after the regular meeting was canceled Tuesday. Real said in the documents that Council members Kim Joong and Luis Castro had made similar requests. Real contends the 3 council members wanted to discuss the City Manager position as well as that of City Attorney. It has since been learned the other two City Council members, Mayor John Moreno and Maritza Hurtado, would not be in the City this week. They were attending an out-of-county conference. Warne is defending the lawsuit, saying he did nothing illegal. Moreno has said the lawsuit was frivolous and a waste of City funds.