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Agreement reached at special meeting

(Supervisors hold a special meeting)…It was held Thursday morning.

It was actually a continuation of an issued first presented at the Board’s Tuesday meeting. It dealt with repairs and upgrades at the Gateway of the Americas County Service Area. Repairs and upgrades are needed at the CSA, including the sewer treatment plant. The County has already received a warning letter from the Regional Water Quality Board. Property owners in the CSA, represented by the Menveille family contested the action. John Pierre Menveille told the Board they agreed the work needed to be done, but the County had over-charged the CSA members $700,000. He said those funds should be paid back before the County spent $400,000 on the upgrades and repairs. He said the work would be paid for through future assessments. At the Special meeting Thursday it was agreed to proceed with the work to avoid any penalties from the Water Board. The over-charges discussion would continue at a later date.