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Imperial County Behavioral Health Services - Let's Talk About It

Imperial County Behavioral Health Services - Let's Talk About It:

This is the Podcast home for ICBHS, podcast programming of "Let's Talk About It" - Radio Talk Shows aired Sunday mornings at 7:00am PST on KXO Radio AM1230 hosted by Maria Wyatt and Scott Dudley.

Let's Talk About It - Podcasts On Demand

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  2015 2015
1/15/15 - Let's Talk About It - Julie Lizarraga Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician ICBHS - El Centro Resource Center - Wellness Recovery Action Plans: Wrapping up RecoveryWRAP® works! It has been developed by a group of people who experience mental health and other health and lifestyle challenges. These people learned that they can identify what makes them well,and then use their own Wellness Tools to relieve difficult feelings andmaintain wellness and a higher quality of life. The result has been recovery and long-term stability. Listen Listen
1/14/15 - Expresate - Julie Lizarraga, Técnico de Rehabilitación de Salud MentalICBHS – Centro de Recursos El Centro - Plan de Acción para la Recuperación y Bienestar: Abrigando la Recuperación El Plan de Acción para la Recuperación y Bienestar (conocida por sus siglas en íngles cómo WRAP®) si funciona! Ha sido desarrollado por un grupo de personas que sufren de problemas de salud mental, de otras condiciones médicas y desafíos en su vida diaria. Estaspersonas aprendieron a identificar lo que les hace bien, y cómo usar sus proprias herramientas para disminuir los sentimientos dificiles, mantener el bienestar y mejorar lacalidad de vida. El resultado ha sido la recuperación y estabilidad a largo plazo. Listen Listen
1/8/15 - Let's Talk About It - Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD Founder Trauma Center At Justice Resource Institute - Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of TraumaRenowned trauma expert Bessel Van Der Kolk has spent over three decades working with survivors. In The Body Keeps the Score, he transforms our understanding of traumatic stress, revealing how itliterally rearranges the brain’s wiring—specifically areas dedicated to pleasure, engagement, control, and trust. He shows how these areascan be reactivated through innovative treatments including neuro feedback, mindfulness techniques, play, yoga, and other therapies, a way to reclaim lives. Listen Listen
1/7/15 - Expresate - Dalia Pesqueira Consejera en Salud Mental ICBHS – Servicios de Juvenilesy Adultos Jóvenes El Centro / Calexico - Terapia de Procesamiento Cognitivo: La Recuperación del Trauma para los Jóvenes y Adultos JóvenesEl trauma puede hacer que las personas luchen con sus recuerdos y hacer que se sientan atrapados en sus pensamientos. Únase a nosotros mientras hablamos de la Terapia deProcesamiento Cognitivo, un enfoque basado en la evidencia, para el tratamiento del trauma en los jóvenes y adultos jóvenes. Listen Listen
1/1/15 - Let's Talk About It - Robert W. Oliver, Ed.D. Master Trainer for Aggression Replacement Training - "Helping Aggressive Children Manage Their Behavior" An overview of the Aggression Replacement Training (ART) model, cognitive behavioral intervention program designed to help childrenimprove social skills and moral reasoning; better manage anger; and reduce aggressive behavior. Listen Listen