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Air Pollution in northend reaches Hazardous levels

(Wind gusts create Hazardous air quality)…Hazardous is the highest level of air pollution issued by the Air Pollution Control District.

Strong winds Tuesday gusted up to 51 miles per hour. In the north end, the strong gusty winds blew in dust from the desert. AT 1:00 Tuesday afternoon Air Quality in Brawley reached a condition of Hazardous. Niland’s air quality was at a condition of Unhealthy because of the extremely high levels of PM 10. The winds have calmed, somewhat, but the dust did not just go away. Wednesday mid-morning air quality in Brawley was still at an Unhealthy level and in Niland it was at a level of Unhealthy for sensitive groups. During these air quality conditions it is recommended people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children avoid any type of exertion and remain in doors as much as possible. The Hazardous air quality could affect all resident, as well.