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Keeping Your Move Smooth

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - If your family is ever among the estimated 40 million  Americans who move into a new home every year, these hints can help it be  easier on your youngsters and yourself.

• Get to know the neighbors.  About two weeks after you move in, have a small housewarming party. Keep it  simple, fun and short. Odds are, you or your child  will be invited to visit in return.

• Give young children a  familiar place. Make your child’s new room look and feel as much  like the old one as possible. Paint the walls the same color, because color  is a strong sensory trigger and can comfort children.

• Let older children and  teens redecorate. To help keep their options open, interior designer and  TV makeover expert Libby Langdon suggests considering cool new removal  peel-and-stick wallpaper. There’s no wallpaper paste necessary. It’s  got an adhesive backing on it so you can literally just mount it up on the  wall, and when you want a change, you can take it down. It’s also a  great way to cover just the inside back of a shelving unit for a great hint  of color that won’t overwhelm the room.

• Make the move an adventure.  The AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics suggests you  remind your child that while the move may be making everyone a bit uneasy, it  will also be adventurous and interesting. Give her some age-appropriate books  that describe families moving from one city to another. Encourage your child  to make plans for the move. Have her make lists of tasks and projects to do.

• Experience the joys of  joining. Enroll your child in sports, clubs, lessons and the like so she  has something to look forward to and so she doesn’t lose out on  opportunities.

• Keep important routines the  same. Meal and bedtime routines are important to children. With so many  other changes in their lives, make sure they can count on some things being  the same.

• Schedule your high-speed  Internet, digital cable TV and phone connection in advance. It can be  simple, with a single step at  Having online access to the nearest carry-out options and being able to watch  TV shows and play online games on the first day in a new home can be a big  plus for the whole family.