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Six Tips To Help You Save Money And Stay Organized

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - Here are hints to help parents save a few bucks and stay  organized during the school year:

1. Know what you really need:  Before you go shopping, plan what you need. It might not be as much as you  think. First, take inventory of what you have already. Remember to check  backpacks, desks and bedrooms to take stock of usable supplies left over from  last year. It helps to make a list of items, even the small stuff and  quantities for each.

2. Keep things in order: Use  the tools at your fingertips. Create a folder for each of your kids with his  or her teacher’s name and e-mail address. Buy overlapping items in  bulk. Use a spreadsheet or make it fun with an app such as Family Organizer  to keep lists of things you need.

3. Budget: The average family  spends $634 in school supplies, according to the National Retail Federation.  When you make your list, create a budget and keep track of your purchases.  Stick to your budget so you don’t overspend.

4. Find free shipping: If you  shop online, look for free shipping deals.

5. Make a daily routine: Set a daily routine for your family. Designate a  spot for backpacks and stock a homework station with the right supplies. With  a system well established, your family can be off to a great start for the  next chapter.

6. Save for future education while  you shop: You can get 5 percent or more of your eligible online purchases  back and your earnings can go toward college savings with Upromise  by Sallie Mae. Your cash rewards may be deposited into a Sallie Mae  High-Yield Savings Account, transferred into a 529 college savings plan or  simply requested via a check. It’s free to sign up at