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Open The Door To Color

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - Your front door is talking about you. Its appearance speaks  to your personality, decorators say.

Too often, the front door of our home tends to be drab shades of beige,  brown, white and gray, while the fun, vibrant colors are used to make  interior and exterior walls and siding stand out.

When you consider that all visitors pass through the front door, a dull  and dreary door could give the wrong impression. Your front door could be an  opportunity to make a bold statement about yourself with a vibrant blue, a  knockout red or a daring yellow-green.

“Selecting big, bold color for the front door and adding accent  pillows and cushions for outdoor furniture or wall art on the outside is  becoming much more popular,” said PPG color expert Dee Schlotter. “Homeowners  should use traditional, long-lasting colors for home exteriors and save the  statement-making hues for accent pieces like doors and porch furniture.”  

A different shade for shutters can also provide a colorful contrast.  Contrary to some beliefs, front doors and shutters don’t always have to  match. In fact, using different colors on the two features calls more  attention and can add appeal to your home. The outside of your house can in  fact define who you are and how you live on the inside.

Exterior paint jobs are about more than just the color, though. Selecting  the proper products for various exterior surfaces can make the difference  between a well-executed paint job that will withstand the natural elements  and one that will require significant upkeep to stay eye-catching and  impressive. Proper planning and priming before adding that new, brighter color  can ensure longevity for a lively, vivacious home exterior.

To spice up the exterior of your home and welcome friends and family in a  whole new way, try these tips:

• Choosing a color palette that works together is important. Mix,  match and experiment before committing to your new statement-making exterior  color.

• Don’t forget the porch ceiling. Selecting a color other than  white can play off features such as ceiling fans or even the brightness of  the sky.

• What would your door look like if it was painted red—try it  on PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ Paint Your Own Room Visualizer—now  available on the tablet. Snap a picture of your door and then apply any color  you like so that you can see how it can change the personality of your whole  home.

• Learn more through PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ The Voice of Color  program. PPG Pittsburgh Paints analyzes upcoming color trends and  incorporates the hues into color palettes. You can find it at